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Awareness & Understanding

Aware Bears aims to create an awareness of Cerebral Palsy and improve people’s understanding of the challenges people living with CP and their families face.


We aim to change the perception of what people with disabilities are capable of. We highlight and celebrate the achievements of those living with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities.


Accepting a disability is a process with many ups and downs and Aware Bears wants to ensure that people are able to focus on the positive.

What We Offer

Aware Bear Visits

Helen and Harold are the Aware Bears. Helen visits children and families living with CP, Harold visits schools and organisations.


Letters of Support

In today’s world children face a number of challenges. The foundation for these challenges could be a disability, an illness or emotional.


Book a Talk

Lesley Potgieter was born with cerebral palsy. Lesley attended Vista Nova as a pupil and was mainstreamed in Grade 7…


Links & Resources

Aware Bears is part of a community who assist people living with CP and various other disabilities to focus on the positive…


What Do We Teach?

Never-ending Stories - Audio Stories

In today’s world children are bombarded by the visual. This has a negative impact on the development of their imagination. When children are exposed to the magical world of stories they are never alone. Stories expand the imagination and vocabulary. If a child is introverted, shy or uncertain reading often helps them to cope with emotions that they find difficult to identify but can often observe in the realm of stories. Listening forms an integral part of reading and these stories allow children to listen and play at the same time. Each story is about 20 minutes long. The language is designed to extend the listeners vocabulary. The stories are for ages 4 to10. Questions at the end of each story are there to test comprehension. In some of the stories there are activities that can be done and form an extension of the story itself and also help the child draw from their own experience. Developing a love for books and stories allows children to share with others and explore their emotions safely. Sometimes being able to identify within a character makes it easier to cope with their situations in their own lives.

Martha Mouse’s Book Reviews

Martha Mouse is in charge of the bookshelf at Never-ending Stories. She reviews books for children of all ages to help them when choosing a book to read (whether they are going to their library or to the bookshop). Click here to read Martha Mouse’s book reviews.

Never-ending Stories - Language Enrichment

Lesley is a qualified primary school teacher and believes very strongly in introducing a love for books and reading from an early age. Language enrichment allows us to lay the foundation that facilitates the understanding of work in the classroom. Lesley works with children at the Carel du Toit Centre and at Project Playground in Gugulethu Langa (Cape Town). Here she instils a love for books and reading in children. The characters who live in the Never-ending stories bookshelf come to life during these sessions and allow children to connect with a character beyond the story. Click here to finds out more about our Language Enrichment programmes.

Never-ending News - Newsletters

Never-ending News is an extension of Never-ending Stories. It is a monthly 1-page newsletter that provides an opportunity for children to spend some quality time with their parents while working on activities related to the theme of the month. There is a strong focus on developing language skills. There is also an update on what is happening with the characters that live in the bookshelf at Never-ending Stories. Never-ending News is addressed to the child. This builds a level of excitement and anticipation. The Newsletter is aimed at children from pre-school to Grade 3.


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