About Us

Aware Bears aims to create awareness and understanding of Cerebral Palsy for those living with it and their families. We also want to change perceptions of what people with disabilities are capable of achieving.

Aware Bears hopes to provide a safe and secure environment for children and their families to discuss their feelings, disappointments and frustrations. We also want allow people the space to celebrate their achievements (big and small) and acknowledge their uniqueness in a positive way.

Accepting a disability is a process with many ups and downs and Aware Bears wants to ensure that people are able to focus on the positive.


Aware Bears hopes to assist those being mainstreamed to make a smooth transition and to help their peers gain a clearer understanding. By exposing the mainstream children to Aware Bears and the children involved they should gain more empathy and a better understanding of just how much children with disabilities are capable of.

Eventually Aware Bears hopes to visit schools around South Africa and help people see that all children with disabilities can be seen as positive, contributing members of society.

For information contact us or look for Aware Bears on Facebook.


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